Personal Coaching

Life is full of transitions and a few times along the way, change can transform your very existence.  Whether it is planned for or unexpected, major events that alter the landscape of your life can alter your identity, shift what fulfills you and pivot what you want for your future. 

As women we often try to “have it all” running ragged to keep up with expectations we may not actually care about.  Continuing down a path that no longer makes sense because the prospect of changing course is too overwhelming to fathom. 

You deserve a purpose-filled existence!

Use this moment of transition or change in your life to get clear on who you are, tap into your unique gifts, and visualize the future you want.  As your coach I will help you become your best self and empower you to make decisions based on your core values and authentic desires.

Rest assured, we won’t lose sight of the interwoven complexities that make up your whole person.  My holistic method is based on the premise that when you come to know, embrace and express all aspects of your self, you are positioned to thrive in any aspect of life.  You become rich in resources, grounded in your being and at peace within.

Together we will explore your essence, identify obstacles and outline goals so that you can live an abundant life.  I will always begin with curiosity, honoring the fact that you alone have the answers your mind, body and soul are craving.  With a continuous practice of mindfulness and self-compassion I know you can move from merely surviving to thriving.

Why work with me

I’ve been there.  At a young age I headed down a path that sounded good on paper but didn’t make me come alive.  For me, the arrival of my children prompted intense self-reflection that upended my goals and radically changed how I chose to live my life.  I’ve seen first hand the amazing impact women can have in the home and in the office and am devoting my life to empowering you to do just that.  

Lets get started

Not sure coaching is for you?  Let’s talk for a few minutes and see where it takes us.

Session Pricing

Empower Session

Initial 115 Minute Session

A La Carte

One 55 Minute session

Package of 4

Four 55 Minute sessions