As a stay at home mom you devoted yourself to raising your family and now, whether thriving in school or flying the nest, your kid(s) are more independent than ever.  The role you once played is less fulfilling and you find yourself feeling a bit lost, unsure of what you have to offer and wondering what’s next.  And while you’re grateful for your family you feel a yearning for more.  

You want to discover and share your gifts with the world.  

If you find yourself here, congratulations, you are at the beginning of a new and exciting season of motherhood.  A season that if nurtured and tended to, will result in more fulfillment than you thought possible

The Joys of Motherhood

My Journey...

As an overachiever and check list connoisseur, becoming a mom was just the next accomplishment to check off. There was no meandering or taking my time, I was determined to become a mother, and to be a great one.

Before I knew it, I had a beautiful baby girl, and she was perfect.

Life however was not. I had trouble sleeping, nursing, connecting with my spouse, being gracious with my body, the list could go on and on. In a nutshell, although I loved my baby, for the first time in my life, I felt like a failure. Even worse, there were days when I didn’t even enjoy being a mom.

When it came time to go back to work, I felt relief. “Okay, something I’m good at.” For the first few weeks I relished having evidence of my productivity…a checklist, checked off. Unfortunately, the novelty wore off, work became a dreaded chore, and I began to flounder. I felt ashamed, convinced it was my own weakness getting in the way. My inner voice was like a broken record, “You’re a failure as a mom, now you’re a failure at work too…can’t you do anything right?!”

I resolved to try harder. Most days it felt like swimming through mud, hoping in vain that working toward my next goal would motivate me. At work, I was just going through the motions, trudging through each day in an attempt to survive until quitting time. A couple years went by like this and then baby number two popped up on my checklist.

This time around we were blessed with a son and as I grew in my motherhood, I felt more confident, at peace and fulfilled at home. At work however my professional identity continued to crumble. My previous ambitions were tossed aside and, in their place, came anxiety, stress, chronic fatigue and illness.

During a work retreat, a meeting facilitator took my team through self-awareness and reflection exercises. I looked down at my worksheet and realized my values were totally different than they were before I started a family. The way I saw myself, what made me happy, those were different too.

It was like someone turned the lights back on.

I liken it to this; you know those pre-pregnancy jeans…and how you try desperately to fit back in them? I was trying so hard to fit into my pre-mom soul, and I just didn’t fit. When I gave myself permission to embrace the new me, everything changed.  I dove headfirst into my personal development to keep the momentum alive. One practice I adopted was meditation and prayer so I could listen for what God had in store for me. In March 2018 I heard the call to shift my career to serving women and moms. In July, I was asked to create and lead a program that would hire women returning to the workforce after a career break of three or more years. We called it a returnship.

As I got to know the amazing women I hired through this program, I was inspired. They were turning their lives upside down, taking great risks to pursue fulfillment, not just as moms or professionals, but as whole-hearted women. I witnessed them struggle to gain their professional footing again and saw firsthand how much these women could benefit from working with a coach. That’s when I felt my spark.

So…I became a return to work coach. (Writing that sentence was easy, doing it was not…but I’ll spare you the details for now).

As I sit here writing this, I can honestly say I’ve never felt more alive. For the first time ever, I can’t wait to work every day. Even better, I have more energy at the end of the day than when I started, meaning I am a whole, fulfilled, person for my family. As a mom, professional, and woman, I am living my best life.

We may not have the same story, but I know what it’s like to feel alone, ashamed and with more questions than answers. I know what it’s like to beat myself up for not achieving some version of someone else’s expectations for my life. I know what it’s like to love my kids with every cell in my body…and still yearn for more. I also know what it’s like to uncover my dreams and go for it, finding more fulfillment than I thought possible.

If this resonates with you, if you want to uncover your dreams, use your gifts and feel fulfilled, let’s get started.

The World is Waiting

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